Radiotherapy at the DTZ

At the DTZ we make a basic distinction between two kinds of treatment: treatment of benign, predominantly inflammatory or degenerative, disorders and treatment of malignant cancers.

Inflammatory or degenerative disorders such as arthritis or rheumatism produce one symptom above all others: pain. If this suddenly subsides or even disappears completely, it’s often like a miracle for the patient.

This is why the treatment of pain (e.g. pain irradiation, joint therapy) is a key component of the treatment provision at DTZ.

Malignant diseases must be treated considerably more aggressively than benign ones. In order to target and destroy cancer cells effectively, high-precision radiotherapy is required, which can determine both radiation field and dosage as exactly as possible.

The DTZ installed state-of-the art equipment for this purpose in 2012, which is connected to the diagnostic facility via the special medical software syngo.via. In partnership with our in-house expertise, this equipment guarantees optimum tumour therapy.

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