Quality assurance standards

The legislators have provided comprehensive regulations for the healthcare sector to ensure healthcare provision of the highest quality. These cover all aspects of practice.

Here at the DTZ in Berlin-Friedrichshain we meet these demands in full and are even constantly striving to surpass them. Furthermore, our ‘easy-access’ medical centre is entirely oriented towards patients’ well-being.

The use of high-tech medicine is no obstacle to this, but rather a support. Moreover, thanks to our regular participation in medical studies we are always able to keep the provision for our patients in line with the current state of research. Working in close collaboration with statutory health insurance providers, we strive to ensure that our patients receive reimbursement for these services to the fullest possible extent.

It goes without saying that our clinic, the centres within it, and the doctors working there all have the necessary certificates and qualifications to provide the medical services offered.

Information about individual qualifications is available via the following link: